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Skin Care Products

Terrell Clinic & Aesthetics carries the top selling skin care products and mineral makeup on the market.  Our friendly staff can recommend products for your specific skin care needs and coordinate mineral makeup colors and foundation based on your individual skin tone.  Call us at 731-885-9687 and schedule a FREE skin care consultation to find out which of our specialize products is the perfect match for your skin.


All ages. All skin types. There’s an Obagi for everyone.

When it comes to transforming skin, there is nothing like Obagi. Their wide variety of prescription-strength skin care products work together to repair skin at the cellular level, using high-quality, potent ingredients and well-researched technologies.

Obagi has developed products and systems focused on preventing and substantially improving various skin conditions, making them the choice of physicians and skin care professionals around the world.

Obagi is one of the most well-known and beloved skin care lines currently available.

The comprehensive range features products that treat some of the most common skin issues, including visible signs of aging, adult acne, hyperpigmentation and more.

Taking care of our skin is such an important task. It must be addressed on a daily basis, and top quality skincare products can make the process even easier.

The Obagi brand offers a wealth of effective skincare treatments for just about every task and condition, from washing and toning to sun protection and wrinkle reduction.

You can add select Obagi products to your existing skincare regimen for a luxurious twist or choose your own complete collection of Obagi products to keep your skin looking youthful, radiant, and healthy.

Most prominent in the lineup is the Nu-Derm system. Obagi Nu-Derm products transform your skin to look younger and more radiant by preventing the signs of aging at the most basic cellular level.

The Nu-Derm system presents a full skin care regimen that eliminates visible signs of aging and photodamage, such as:

• Age spots
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Rough skin
• Redness
• Discoloration

Along with the Nu-Derm system, Obagi creams are a popular solution for relieving dryness and refreshing the skin while healing damage caused by the environment, and smoothing away signs of age.

To Obagi, skin care and beauty go hand in hand, and beauty is attainable by anyone, regardless of age or skin type.


SkinCeuticals product philosophy is built around these principles. Their line of advanced skincare products is designed to prevent future damage, protect healthy skin, and correct previous damage. The entire SkinCeuticals program works as a complete system for maximum improvement to skin health.

The basics. The SkinCeuticals line offers high-quality cleansers, toners and moisturizers formulated with active ingredients, such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids, botanical extracts and nourishing hydrators.

Together, these products will keep skin clean, healthy and balanced.

Prevent. Addressing aging is a two-part process. To care for your skin, begin by taking preventative measures against premature aging. In addition to a basic daily regimen, SkinCeuticals offers advanced protection with antioxidants and full-spectrum sunblock perfect for year-round use. These products are ideal for any age and every skin type.

Correct. Next, it’s important to correct prior damage, such as age spots, sun damage and signs of premature aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Even if you’ve been good to your skin, it naturally begins to lose resilience and elasticity over time, resulting in a complexion that is dull and lacks radiance. Just a few key products can help your skin appear healthier and more youthful


COOLA Sunscreen and sunblock products are crafted with care from the finest certified organic, natural and advanced active ingredients available.

COOLA’s moisture-rich sunscreens and chemical-free mineral sunblocks contain natural phyto-protectors, certified organic extracts, and age-defying antioxidants and vitamins that protect, hydrate and repair sun-sensitive skin.

The exclusive blends of ingredients are strong enough to help protect your skin from the sun and delicate enough to compliment your daily skin regimen, from the sensitive nature of FACE and LIPLUX, to the versatile TOTALBODY, and the demands of SPORT, every COOLA sunblock product line is formulated uniquely for different body parts, skin types, and active lifestyles.

All sunscreen formulas are Paba/Paraben/Petroleum/Phthalate free and 100% made in the USA.

COOLA formulas are non-comedegenic, won’t clog pores and are packed with ingredients to keep skin lustrous, healthy, silky and smooth. All products are designed to be easily integrated into any daily skin care regimen. They contain:
A blend of Vitamins A & E
Barrage Oil and Evening Primrose to re-establish essential fatty acids that maintain natural moisturizing factors
Shea Butter and Allantoin, natural skin soothers that work to keep skin balanced, hydrated and revitalized
Trademark COOLA complexes that concentrate evening out skin and pigmentation tone
Anti-Oxidants that prevent free radical damage and maintain the integrity of the skin, providing an anti-aging effect
A host of additional organic botanical’s to help keep the skin healthy and conditioned
Let’s Take a Closer Look At These Ingredient.

As discussed, a blend of Vitamins A and E, Barrage Oil and Evening Primrose re-establish essential fatty acids that help to maintain natural moisturizing factors in the skin.

In addition to this hydrating complex, we also use the natural skin soothers Shea Butter and Allantoin, derived from Comfrey Root Extract, to keep skin balanced and revitalized.

They also utilize two patented complexes, Juglans Regia Serum™ and Camilla Sinensis Liposome Complex™, that work to even out the skin tone and pigmentation of the skin.

COOLA products contain anti-oxidants such as Vitamins A, C, D, E and Zinc to help maintain the integrity of the skin and provide an anti-aging effect.

Antioxidants are chemicals that protect cells by neutralizing damaging free radicals presented by the outside world (sun, pollution, wind, and temperature) as well as internally (emotions, metabolism, and stress). Their anti-oxidant packed formulations are perfect forthe client who wants to engage in activities the world has to offer outside and not only protect their skin but also keep it healthy and younger looking.

A host of additional certified organic botanical’s help to keep the skin healthy and conditioned.

THESE INCLUDE: Walnut, Orange, Clove, Bergamont, Comfrey, Patchouli, Lemon, Cucumber Essence, Green Tea,Arnica, Plankton, Chamomile, Yarrow, Plumeria, Spearmint, Burdock Root, Pollen, Birch Leaf, Ginsengand Mango extracts.

* With the CoolSculpting® treatment, the results are real: You’ll see and feel the change in 2-6 months or more. For those wanting proof that fat freezing works, look no further than CoolSculpting before and after pictures. As with any cosmetic procedure, results may vary. However, the individuals highlighted in these CoolSculpting before and after pictures are real patients and demonstrate a dramatically slimmer, more contoured physique following actual CoolSculpting treatments.

Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale’s “Beauty with Benefits” combines the most up-to-date colors with skin-care benefits that conventional makeups can only envy. Known as “The Skin Care Makeup”, the Jane Iredale line is so safe and beneficial to use that it is recommended by Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists throughout the world.

How Is Our Makeup Different?
The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin. That’s why everything we develop is a true extension of skin care. Our makeup is not just a refinement of conventional makeup; it’s a new technology. It’s so effective it is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals.

Four in One – Our micronized mineral bases are four products in one: foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen, and will disguise almost any skin discoloration.

SPF 20 Pressed Bases & SPF 20 Loose Bases – Formulated with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the minerals give instant, broad-spectrum, chemical-free sun protection. They are also Very Water Resistant.

Fast, weightless coverage Because we use no fillers like talc to dilute the effectiveness of the pigment, one quick application of our minerals provides all-day coverage that doesn’t fade, crease or smear.

Non-comedogenic and oil-free. The skin is allowed to breathe and function normally.

Minimum allergy risk – We use no sensitizers like perfume or chemical dyes and preservatives in our bases, blush or eye shadows.

Coverage – Because the minerals are concentrated pigment, they give complete coverage and can be used effectively to camouflage large or small distractions.

Adhere – The minerals adhere to the skin until they are removed with any cleanser.

Anti-inflammatory – Our mineral bases have anti-inflammatory properties and are especially helpful for acne and rosacea-prone skins.

Inert – The loose minerals are inert and cannot support bacteria.

Quality – We use state of the art cosmeceutical ingredients to ensure the finest performance in coverage, application and texture. Our vitamins and antioxidants are pharmaceutical grade.

No animal testing.


OLIVINA NAPA VALLEY is literally and figuratively a green company.

The foundation ingredients are hand-pressed, anti-oxidant olive and grape seed oils which come from a landscape dotted with olive trees and world-renowned grapevines, a reference to both its Mediterranean climate and the heritage of many who settled the valley.

Founded in 2002 by Susan Costner-Kenward, the company is committed to giving back to community where they thrive.


Malin & Goetz is a family-owned and operated apothecary in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.

Easy-to-use two-step regimens offer head-to-toe pH balance – face, body, and hair – for both women and men.

Starting with sensitive skin first, each advanced formula blends trusted natural ingredients with gentle performance technologies to address skin sensitivities, irritations and allergies resulting from unnecessary products, over-marketed harsh ingredients, and false claims.

The key to their extraordinary cleansers is hydration science. Gentle amino acid-based cleansing agents thoroughly purify and hydrate, helping to maintain a natural pH balance. The advanced moisturizers are rooted in absorption science to compliment their cleansers; they are oil-free and residue-free, blending nourishing fatty acids instead of traditionally greasy pore-clogging oils, silicone’s and waxes.

Into both cleansers and moisturizers, they incorporate beneficial botanical extracts that enhance performance and provide fresh natural scents that quickly evaporate – leaving room for personal fragrance choices.

Each ingredient is carefully chosen as the least irritating and most advanced for performance. The result is formulas without unnecessary detergents, colorants and synthetic fragrances creating the most effective systems to simplify your life.

MALIN & GOETZ does not test on animals and is made in the USA. Visit their website:

By submitting this form you agree to be contacted via phone/text/email.

By submitting this form you agree to be contacted via phone/text/email.